Thursday, July 15, 2010

A tad bit sad

Well, clutch 29 is on the ground, and I am sad about it.

I have been very excited about making Mojave combos this year, and was waiting for this female to go for a while.

I bred another Mojave female, but she didn't take, so basically, this female was it.

So she finally laid yesterday (yes, Yesterday... the date I wrote on the card was wrong), and I was ABSOLUTELY THRILLED. The wait was over, and the eggs were on the ground...

Until I opened up her coils...

Now, yes, I know, five eggs is not bad at all, but the fact that there are two slugs that could have been eggs upsets me, as I should have let the males pair with her longer.

I feel like it was something I could have prevented.

She is a first time breeder for me, so it can also chalk it up to that, but I always feel like there could have been something else I could have done.

I think the dissapointment is also because of the fact that I was looking forward to this clutch so much.

Now the Mystery Males on this clutch are:

Pastel Super Mojave
Pastel Lesser
Lemon Blast

So it should be interesting.

Come on, five eggs. Show me what you got...

Have a fantastic day, my friends

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