Tuesday, July 6, 2010

No Snow in California again


I did it.

I cut the eggs.

And unfortunately for me, I did not see anything white.

I only saw Grey and Black.

Which is fine, really, I am glad to have some more Axanthics, but as you well know, I was hoping for a Snow.

Which just goes to show you that it doesn't always work out the way you want.

But hey, this is just the beginning of the season for me, so we are trudging along and doing fine!

Speaking of the beginning of the season, here are the first post shed shots of the Pastel het Pieds.

All four girls...

All have fantastic het Pied markers, and all are subtle ringers as well.

Gotta love it.

 And the Het Pied siblings... this is the pair of them.

They look comfortable in their balls.

And more Het Pieds from the Pied to poss het Clutch. She didn't prove, but there are 2.2 Het Pieds to show for it.

Can't complain about that, eh?

And here we are at Clutch 24, with both Big Apple Herp incubators almost full... (One is full, the other has one tub space left. I need to plug in the extra one)

And again, it's Pieds. I love Pieds. Apparently, that also a lot of my recessive work is Pieds this year. Hmph.

Here is a first time Momma, old enough, but small. She is an unproven 100% het Pied female.
I decided to give her a go a few rounds with the Pied. Apparently, a few rounds is all he needed.

Only three eggs, and she was only 1200 grams or so before laying, so I can't be too upset about it. And I'm not! I'm surprised and glad she laid at all!

So there we are. Clutch 24, my friends.... Lets hope for some Pieds in them there three eggs.

And on we go, forward to the next clutch hatching, or the next clutch laid.

It's gunna be a fun ride!

Have a fantastic day, my friends.

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Jackie M. said...

Boo on the snow! :(

(But hooray for the pastel het pieds!)