Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Clutches 25 and 26 are on the ground, my friends, and both big incubators are full...

Here is Clutch 25.

Here is one of my largest Pastel females, and she was bred to the Genetic Stripe male to make some Pastel het Genetic Stripes!

I am really excited to see these, as I want to hold back a few females this year.

And Clutch number 26, this is one of my large normal females. Her name is TV, as I bought her with a TV on Craigslist. Weird story, I know. 

She was bred to all the males that didn't have dates thru out the season this year. So again, another Mystery male clutch. Should be interesting to say the least...

Gotta wait and see who the fathers are. WOOHOO!

And of course, the incubators are both completely full. I'm waiting on the Axanthics to pip so that I can clear that space, but for now...


I am plugging in the extra Nature's Spirit tonight.

Its time to go into overdrive.

Have a fantastic day, my friends.

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