Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Everyone's out, and Axanthic aging


All the Stripes are out from the last clutch, and they are looking great! 2.1 Stripes, and 0.2 Hets. I would have loved a few more female Stripes, but this works!

And of course, because this is the first female Stripe I have EVER produced, she is staying here. I am so thrilled to have her FINALLY, since I missed out on her last year.


And all of the Axanthics have shed out, and I wanted to do a comparison regarding age of Axanthics and color change.

As you may well know, the older snakes tend to change color compared to what they look like right out of the egg.

Since I have a few generations of Axanthics, I wanted to share the comparison, as a lot of people make comments about how they brown out as they age.

This is undoubtedly true, no matter what line of Axanthic, but I can only show you TSK's line of Axanthics.

Here are, from left to right, a Normal, a Baby TSK Axanthic, an Adult TSK Axanthic, and a Subadult TSK Axanthic within the coils of the older one.

They do change drastically from the baby colors they initially have, but they still look significantly different from a normal.

I thought this photo would be most helpful to give you an idea of the colors, as you can see a slight area of adult, but mostly the focus of the normal and the baby Axanthic.

And here is from left to right, an Adult, Subadult, and Baby TSK Axanthic.

So yes, although the animals are not the SAME animal, the morph photo outline gives you more of an idea of the change of colors that you may expect as they age.

But believe me when I say, they are awesome! You may be less than impressed with the color change, but you will not be able to confuse an Axanthic with a Normal if you know what you are looking for.

Have a great day, my friends!


Jackie M. said...

They are all perfect stripes! How do you DO that?

Are they all full siblings to Krystal's boy?

Heather Wong said...

Jackie, yes, these guys are full siblings to Krystal's boy from last year.

Eventide said...

Your stripes are nothing short of amazing!!! Love that front one in the group pic!! Is that the female, by chance?

I still love my Bromine to death! He's on a bit of a hunger strike right now (silly boy), but he's doing great!