Friday, July 16, 2010

A little more sad, and Mobee

Well, clutch 30 is on the ground.

And again, we have slugs.

I'm not really sure what is causing it other than my backing off on using the males as much for the later females that I didn't notice going. This is what I'm thinking was the cause of these slugs, as well as the slugs from the clutch before.

This time I had less eggs to begin with, but it should be fine.

This female has not proved out to be a Het yet from last year, so this is her last chance before she gets dubbed a normal.

Crossing fingers that last year was a fluke.

And here is Mobee, the Mojave Spider, which is my understanding to be termed Mojave Bee. I am not sure if the terms have changed as of yet, but this is my Mobee.

He is a proven breeder male that I acquired, and I am very excited to use him in a few things. I can't wait to put him with a Pastel or with a Pin? THAT would be awesome.

So until that day comes, he will just be a pretty picture for now.

I'm sure I'll share him again soon.

Hey look, another pretty picture of him!

I'm kinda excited, I'm not going to lie. I like what he can do. He will be fun to work with next season.


Have a fantastic weekend, my friends.

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Eventide said...

Mobee is gorgeous!