Monday, July 19, 2010


Stripes are hatching, and although this picture shows them in the egg, I want to preface any comments by saying yes, I did rip open the one on the top. I take where they have cut in, and tear open the areas they have cut open themselves, so that they don't get stuck.

So yes, there are two Stripes in the egg, two hets in the egg, and one brave soul who decided to come out before the rest of them.

HE is, of course, fantastic. Complete stripe, slight side pattern, but beautiful animal.

And yes, I did say He.

I'm hoping I don't get the same luck I did last year with ALL male Genetic Stripes, but we shall see. In the next few days, we will meet the other two G-stripes, and we will all be aware of the situation then.

And only two of the Axanthics had not shed, so I took these four that did and took a nice picture of them. They are looking good!

So here we are with the first day of the week, and we are off to a good start.

Have a fantastic day, my friends.


Eventide said...

Nice odds on the stripes!!! I hope you have a female or two in there! *crosses fingers*

Jackie M. said...

How do you always make these crazy, crazy stripes? They are perfect! They might be all boys, but they're perfect boys.