Thursday, July 1, 2010


Well, the babies are still coming, and only clutch one is completely out and ready to show, but I took pictures of the second clutch, the Het Pied clutch, just for the hell of it.

Here is the Pastel het Pied clutch, with only one Het Pied actually shed out. I was hoping for a few more to have shed yet, but to no avail.

I can't wait to show them to you all, as they have KILLER markers for Pied, and that will actually be, once they have shed out, a topic I will go into detail about.

Since everything I have out that is '10 is Het Pied, I thought that may be an appropriate topic of conversation.

One more of the Hets is out of the egg, but its umbilical cord is sticking out a bit, so I'm leaving it in the incubator until it absorbs it.

Yes, this is fine to do, as long as the snake gets air.

The last one in the egg hasn't even pipped yet, but I know its alive as of right now. I poked at it, and it moved. Can't wait to see you, little buddy!

So again, waiting on this weekend, where I am guessing and hoping that the TSK Snow clutch will have hatched by then. I need to see some white heads. Really... That is a project that although I didn't intentionally get into, I want to complete now.

What do you mean, Heather?

Well, here's the story...

Back in the day, I bought a female Albino from this guy. He was selling off everything, and he had mentioned to me that he got it directly from TSK, and that it was possible het for TSK Axanthic. I was like, Oh, that's nice...

And went on my merry way.

THEN, an opportunity arose for me to get a female Axanthic, and this guy, although a different person, also got his from TSK. And apparently, she was also possible het for Albino. Her percentage was lower (I think its supposedly 33%?) but I was interested, and picked her up as well.

Then the time came for me to find a male. I didn't want to buy a visual Snow (because the cost was staggering), so I hunted down a TSK Axanthic het Albino male from, you guessed it, TSK.

So I completed my trio, and thusly, completed my Snow project.

Last year, the Albino proved to be Het Axanthic, but she never recovered her weight back for this year.

This year, its the Axanthic's turn.

Lets see if we can get our luck on the right path.

Fingers crossed.

Have a fantastic day, my friends.

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