Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Adventures of Marty Cohen

Oh, let us discuss the Adventures of Marty Cohen...

Marty Cohen is a naughty cat. He has been travelling around the house, looking for things to get involved with.

So of course, one day I find him in the snake room. How did he get there? Well, I know he and Regal have been collaborating, so I'm sure Regal put him there.

He seemed to like crawling up the racks, so the first time I caught him in the room, he was hanging off a rack!

What a bad cat.

He appeared to be discussing life with a few of the Spider ladies I have. They seemed to like him.

And of course, like any cat worth his salt, he then went to go visit the rats. He and Bobo the rat (the white dumbo) seemed to be in a trance with each other, but the other rats gave him the butt.

When I turned around the final time, I caught him hanging out with Lucky! I'm surprised Lucky didn't seem to care that a huge rainbow cat was hanging out in his tub, but... He didn't seem to care! Lucky was happy and full of rodent, so apparently, Marty Cohen was welcome to share in the water in his bowl.

I'm so glad Lucky is doing so well and is so polite regarding strangers in his tub.

So after all of that, I kicked Marty Cohen out of the room. I cleaned up a little, and then realized that maybe someone would want to see how Marty Cohen gets involved with the snakes here.

I hope you enjoyed it! I'm sure this will not be the last time we see Marty Cohen...

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Krystal said...


Marty Cohen is such a funny name, and it seems to fit so well! XD