Friday, October 30, 2009

Santa Barbara trip

So we went to Santa Barbara for my birthday.

We drove past some stuff, took the Fuzz.

So we got there in a few hours, and I saw this cool building. I have no idea what it is, but I liked it, so I took a picture.

We went to a place called Zaytoon. It was Middle Eastern food, and it was really good! The ambiance was fantastic, and we got to eat around a fire pit. I want one now. Here was a rose, that was on the outside.

And there was a really pretty fountain! I liked how dark this photo came out..

And our fire pit. Mmmmm Hummus.

And us the next day, on the beach!

I really liked this photo of under the board walk.

I loved the beach... Really. It was so serene!

And this thing was interesting. It rotated and went "bing" every few seconds. It rotates with the wind, so it was really nice. The tone was very pretty, and as annoying as it sounds, it was actually very nice.

And yes, we did bring the Fuzz, and he really enjoyed the ocean. He is actually getting better at ocean, as before, he used to be very scared of it. Now, he attacks the waves! I'm a proud Fuzz Mom.

Yes, I am a proud Fuzz Mom.

And we went wine tasting. I took some pictures of the process. Here are the oak casks that the wine ages in.

And some grapes that are getting ready to be pressed...

and bottling!

We had a great time.

And I didn't get around to pairing up yet, so I am going to clean up some snake tubs, and get that done!

I promise snake stuff in the next few days in great details, including who is pairing with whom to begin with.

Have a great weekend, and a great Halloween!

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