Monday, October 5, 2009

Introducing: A Cat named Marty Cohen

So I have been twittering (LadyOhh, if you are interested) recently about the exploits of a new acquisition named Marty Cohen. Many people were confused. Heather named a new snake Marty Cohen?

Why no!

Marty Cohen was acquired at the Fair last weekend.

Marty Cohen is a not so cute plushy bean bag toy that is now best friends with my one and only Fuzzbutt Regal.

How did I come up with such a name?

I didn't need to! It was stuck to his butt when we got him!

Yes, a Cat named Marty Cohen.

Apparently Marty Cohen also has a book or two out.

Marty Cohen is the only Cat that Regal likes! Look at them enjoying each others company, eh?

Marty Cohen goes with him everywhere right now, and he even gets placed in my purse occasionally.

So there you are, my blogger friends. Marty Cohen. Not too snakey, but maybe he will have an exploit or two in the snake room.

Anyway, this weekend, I had a great time with a few friends, including my friend Marcus and his wife, Shaliah. They met Marty Cohen, we hung out in the snake room, and had a good ole' snakey time.

He asked me what other males I have to introduce to the fold, and here is one of the last ones.

This is Carmine.

Carmine is not mine. Carmine is only here to help me prove out some Poss Hets, and to make some Double Het Glows!

But he is new, and he is here, so there you go!

So the week has begun! Have a great one, my friends!


BlackJackReptiles said...

How awesome would it be if you did an article on "what makes what and why".

Doesnt that sound awesome!


Jackie M. said...

I'm not convinced Marty Cohen likes Regal quite as much as Regal likes Marty Cohen.