Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Plans need to be adjusted

Well, last night, I checked my animals that are getting ready to be involved with each other, females and males.

Females, I checked for weight.

Males, I checked for sperm plugs.

Here comes the problem...

Some of my most planned for males this year are yet to produce sperm plugs. They are a year old, but are not ready. This puts a major cog in my clock of planning, people!

Which males am I having a problem with?

Well... My Pastel het Ivory, and my Bumblebee. I was very very excited to be able to use them, but they are NOT ready.

Well, what to do, friends? What to do???

I plan to do what I can, which includes feeding them, and still putting them into rotation. But what if they don't come around???

I am not sure...

I always have a backup male, but I was really hoping to be able to do KillerBees with Spotty McGillicutty this year.

So, what to back up Spotty and the PYB with???

I have the Pastel Lesser, the Sterling, and the LemonBlast that are all proven.

I have the recessive males as well, but I never mix recessives and co-doms in breeding one female.

So here I am, stuck in a rut...

No matter what you plan, it never goes the way you would hope!


My breeding pairings will begin on Thursday.

Lets see what happens.


Krystal said...

Maybe wait a few weeks for those males? The one co-dom male I was planning on breeding this year wasn't producing plugs in September, but when I checked him a couple weeks later, he was! (He quickly locked with my normal female when I introduced them! YAY!)

So I guess I'd have a back-up plan ready to go, but don't give up on the little guys just yet! :-]

Jackie said...

Yeah, ditto. My late 08 black pastel male just started producing plugs this week. For all the good it'll do him, since his girlfriends are all still chillin' at 800 grams....

Spotty's so damn cute! Look at that tongue. You just KNOW he wants to meet the girls.

Jackie M. said...

And I say go with the pastel lesser for one of them in the mean time. Extra lessers never hurt nobody!

Chris R. said...

Viagra, I say. Just kidding, I'm sure you'll figure something out and everything will work out great. :0)

BlackJackReptiles said...

Both Spotty and the Pastel are amazing. Maybe you should wait a couple weeks and go from there.