Thursday, October 1, 2009



I have to say, after running thru three poss hets and getting just hets, this is one of those bittersweet moments that I am glad to have. After 7.6 Hets hatching out here, I finally got my visuals!

Of the three eggs from this last het, all of them were visual, although I'm sure you recall that the egg that went bad is no longer alive. So, I should have two Genetic Stripes coming out in the next few days. Lets hope for solid stripes (and at least one girl!)

Hopefully by Monday I can share them in their full glory!

And here is one of the "New" boys.. This guy has been growing here for the past year, and now he will be in the rotation to help me make some Pastel Ivories!!!

Yes, this is my Pastel Yellowbelly!

I really love this combination, and I can't wait to plug him in with a few other things as well!

He has a date with a Yellowbelly and possibly a Pastel as well! Woohoo!!

I do have to admit, I have hammered out most of the breeding season as of last night.

I will share a little bit of what I plan to do in the next few blogs. Stay tuned, and YAY!!!

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Hannah said...

Exclamation points!!!!!!
(There were a lot of them!)