Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What makes What: Pieds (and Recessive Overview)

Well, this is for Jackie and Krystal.

I'm trying to see how to approach the Recessives in the right way, considering the actual results of the recessive genetics.

Lets do a quick review of Recessive genetics first before we launch into the list of what makes what.

Recessives, when bred to Normals, only make 100% hets of said Recessive trait, and carriers of the trait.

Recessives, when bred to 100% hets (trait carriers) of said Recessive trait, will produce Visuals and 100% hets.

100% hets bred to 100% hets (or trait carriers) of said Recessive trait will produce 25% Visuals, 25% Normals, and 50% trait carriers. You cannot tell the difference between the normals and the hets, therefore we label ALL of the normal looking offspring as 66% het.

100% hets bred to Normals make 50% trait carriers, and 50% Normals. Since you cannot tell the difference between the Normals and the trait carriers, we label them ALL as 50% hets.

There are either 100% hets or not. 66% and 50% is referring to the possibility of the animal being a 100% het, or trait carrier.

I hope this makes things just a tad bit clearer for you.


The real problem is, when discussing this list, we are again assuming that the Combination Co-dominant animal is a carrier of the trait as well.

Let us begin:

Pied x Pastel (het Pied) = Pastel Pieds
Pied x Spider (het Pied) = Spider Pieds
Pied x Pinstripe (het Pied) = Pinstripe Pieds
Pied x Sable (het Pied) = Sable Pieds -Has not been done yet?-
Pied x Mojave (het Pied) = Mojave Pieds (or White Gold Pied)
Pied x Lesser (het Pied) = Lesser Pieds (a Solid White Snake!)
Pied x Butter (het Pied) = Butter Pieds -Has not been done yet?-
Pied x Het Russo (het Pied) = Het Russo Pied -Has not been done yet?-
Pied x Cinnamon (het Pied) = Cinnamon Pied
Pied x Black Pastel (het Pied) = Black Pastel Pied
Pied x Enchi (het Pied) = Enchi Pied
Pied x Yellowbelly (het Pied) = Yellowbelly Pied (Pumpkin Pied)
Pied x Het Red Axanthic (het Pied) = Het Red Axanthic Pied -Has not been done yet?-
Pied x Fire (het Pied) = Fire Pied -Has not been done yet?-
Pied x Sulfur (het Pied) = Sulfur Pied -Has not been done yet?-
Pied x Champagne (het Pied) = Champagne Pied -Has not been done yet?-
Pied x Chocolate (het Pied) = Chocolate Pied -Has not been done yet?-
Pied x Vanilla (het Pied) = Vanilla Pied -Has not been done yet?-
Pied x Woma (het Pied) = Woma Pied -Has not been done yet?-
Pied x Mystic (het Pied) = Mystic Pied -Has not been done yet?-
Pied x Spotnose (het Pied) = Spotnose Pied -Has not been done yet?-
Pied x Calico (het Pied) = Calico Pied -Has not been done yet?-

Now I want to stress that there is a question mark behind -Has not been done yet?- for a reason. Like I've discussed before, there is some hush hush stuff going on in the background with some peoples collections, so therefore, I don't know for sure if it has or hasn't been done yet. If it hasn't yet, it will be done soon!

Let us get into the recessives of the recessives. We are assuming now that both of the Recessives are het for each other to get the visual.

Pied x Pied = ALL Pieds (Can't be mad at that)
Pied (het Albino) x Albino (het Pied) = Albino Pied
Pied (het G Stripe) x Genetic Stripe (het Pied) = Genetic Stripe Pied -Has not been done yet?-
Pied (het Axanthic) x Axanthic (het Pied) = Axanthic Pied
Pied (het Ghost) x Ghost (het Pied) = Ghost Pied
Pied (het Clown) x Clown (het Pied) = Clown Pied
Pied (het Lavendar Albino) x Lavendar Albino (het Pied) = Lavendar Albino Pied (Dreamcicle)
Pied (het Caramel Albino) x Caramel Albino (het Pied) = Caramel Pied -Has not been done yet?-
Pied (het Ultramel) x Ultramel (het Pied) = Ultramel Pied -Has not been done yet?-
Pied (het Tri Stripe) x Tri Stripe (het Pied)= Tri Stripe Pied -Has not been done yet?-

Now remember, even to get a Pied het for something takes a while! Recessives are more expensive for the reason that it is very difficult to come about with Visuals, and Visuals het for something else? Whew!!!

I will be going into a few more morphs that people have asked to see. If you want to see it written out, let me know!

Have a great week!


Rambo said...

I bought a male and what I belive is a Normal from you last August. What are the chances that it contains different traits. Thanks, Jake

xmanalpha said...

could you pls discuss/describe how to identify a "special" as they are difficult to distinguish from a normal imo

Heather Wong said...


More than likely, if I said Normal, it is a normal.

As for the Specials, I am waiting for them to shed out before approaching them on the blog.

I know some of you out there are waiting with baited breath. Wait a little while longer, and you will get what you want.

Jackie M. said...

Super black pastel pied! Super black pastel pied!

And here are the champagne pieds:

BlackJackReptiles said...

I been reading the VPI book allot lately. I’m really starting to understand the whole recessive traits now. I think these blogs are awesome and thank you so much for the info on Morphs!

Krystal said...

Awesome! Thanks for doing these blogs! Most morphs I understand, no problem, but there are a handful that confuse the crap out of me!

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