Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Checking out again

Well, I am preparing for breeding and pairing tomorrow, but its kind of interesting how that will work. I won't be here tomorrow. I'm checking out.


What is so important about tomorrow?


It may not be important to some, but it is my Birthday.

October 29th.

And, for my birthday, I am leaving for Santa Barbara for a day to enjoy it.

What does that mean for snakes and for the blog?

Well, snakes will be paired up when I get home tommorow, and the blog may or may not be done. I'm not sure if the place we are staying at will have Wi-Fi (I will be that checked out!), so I cannot promise anything anyway.

So we are leaving tonight to enjoy the coast, and of course I will be taking plenty of photos.

But until then, you may need to bear with the lack of Blog for a day. Think of it as a Heather's Day vacation of sorts.

Maybe this will be the time that I need to get those males in check?

But today is cleaning and feeding day, so right now is not a vacation yet. Maybe for missing tommorow I will have a double feature today?

Or is that a tad bit overzealous?

Also, this may give me ideas for blog topics again.

Have a fantastic day, my friends!


Krystal said...

Happy Day-Before-Your-Birthday!!! Go and enjoy it; don't worry about us. We'll live. ;-]

Chris R. said...

Enjoy your birthday!

BlackJackReptiles said...

Happy B-Day!