Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tinley #3

California doesn't have many leaves changing. So yes, I took a picture. I am lame. ENJOY IT!

Here are the last few photos I took from Tinley of the cool stuff we don't normally see.

This was at BHB's table, and I really love everything he brings by.

Here is a Pastel Lesser and a Pastel Camo. The Camo is something I don't particularly like on its own, but you have to appreciate the pattern and the color. The Pastel Camo is a Chocolate Pinstripe Pastel. Can you tell?

And this is just a kick ass tower area from BHB with everything on it.

And the Caramel Clown again. I love this thing.

I am not the hugest fan of Champagnes, but I have to say, they are pretty cool!

And here is a pair of morphs I would love to work with. Here is a Specter and a Super Stripe. I love Stripes, and I especially love the bright colors on this stripe.

And the Black Pastel Yellowbelly and a Super Fire (my favorite Leucistic). I really like the Black Pastel Yellowbelly, its so cryptic!

And another morph I would love to get.. The Mystic Potion.

And because I love them so much, an Albino Blood Python! I hope to have one of these as a pet soon. We shall see...

Anyway, tonight I will be teaching a class regarding the reptile business, and I am now off to do my powerpoint and photos for it. Tommorows blog will be what happened!

Should be fun, my friends. Wish me luck!

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