Monday, October 12, 2009

Tinley #1

I just got in from Tinley, I am exhausted, and I apologize I haven't gotten this done sooner, or more than likely better due to the situation.

I'm going to try and sleepily remember what is what.

I apologize for the somewhat crappy photos, as I had a heck of a time with lighting. I need a better camera.

This is a Desert. Those things kick so much ass! I really want one, but I say that about everything.

Pete Kahl had this Pastel Ghost Pied on his table. I really like it.

For my friend Marcus, here are some Pastel Ivories and Pastel Yellowbellies! Crappy photos, but Kim Bell was busy, or else I would have taken them out to get better pics.

Also from Pete Kahl, the Spider Pied. I didn't like it much when I saw it back in the day, but it really seems to be something that I may be willing to work on.

And another crappy picture from The Bells table. Sorry, friends. It was the best I could do at the time.

And the Desert Ghost! I like it alot, and kinda want to see what can work more into it. Maybe a Desert Ghost Desert? Wooooooo!

I LOVE this animal. I wish I could have picked it up, but I didn't get anything! Definately a project I want to work on. Pastave Ghosts for Heather soon!

My friend Rudd's awesome Killerbee Ghost (also a project I want to work on), and a LesserBee! I had herp envy, and it was sad.

And one of my favorites of the show, from Oz of Ozzy's Boids. The Orange Dream Spider! He also hatched out a Orange Dream Yellowbelly Spider, but it was in shed, and I didn't take a pic. I'm sure I can manage to see if I can get a picture from Oz eventually. New dominant clean up morph. I love it!

Anyway, I hope this will make you anticipate tommorow and more photos. If you guys have any questions, shoot me one in the comment section. See you all tomorrow!!

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Anonymous said...

heather its kyle he hatched out a orange dream yb spider not a bumble bee dream hes still workin on that one