Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What I have been doing... and how I do it.

So I'm a little late on the blog this morning, but I stayed up late last night to get some reorganization done.

So what was I doing???

Well, I removed all the males.

How do I know where my males are in the sea of estrogen that is my snake room?
I basically have tags. Green tags this year, the colors change every year.

Green tags where the males are on the females tubs, and when they are not in a females tub, they have their tags on the outside of their own tubs so that I don't get confused.

And since they are all in the male tubs, the tags are all on the male tubs. Get it?

It works, most of the time.

How can I tell which males are where though?

The females tubs have stickers as well as to which male should be paired with them. So I can read that sticker, see the green tag, and know which male is in there.


And since I am moving animals all around and I had to redo all of the tags with years and junk... Did it for a long time, and got tired. This is about 45 mins of tag making. Then I stopped. I have to finish today...

And this is the newest addition to the pack. This Pied hatched out last week here, the only Pied in a clutch. She's awesome!!!

And of course, two days after she hatched out, new eggs came, with only one viable egg. Incubator doesn't get to go off yet...

Anyway, here is the newest Pied female. I am stoked to have her here, I may just name her something special... Not sure yet, but I'll get back to you.

I'm off to finish making tags, my friends. And cleaning, and watering, and possibly feeding... It never ends.


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Royal Morphz said...

Hi name should be Sarafina