Friday, December 18, 2009

Ahhh, Weekend...

Its FRIDAY, people!

Which means the weekend is soon to be upon us.

Which also means that the boys get a break.

So today, I am pulling them all out.

My supposed schedule has been Sunday in, Wednesday or Thursday out, weekend break.

But, like all things that are planned, it doesn't particularly happen that way.

And like most people, the holidays are here or are coming up fast!

So with that, I am running around trying to see what I need to do for the weekend to make sure that when I go up to visit my family, everyone down here is ready and fine and relaxing while I am gone.

Yes, I do pair up when I leave. This particular instance, it may just be particular animals and not the whole group of boys.

There are a few males, like the Bumblebee, that have yet to really show me that they are interested.

I may just subject them to females all holiday then. Maybe that will make him change his mind.

Corporal punishment perhaps? I don't think so. Not when the end result could be sex.

Neener neener.

I'll be running around, but hopefully, soon enough, things will settle back into an even routine.

Have a fantastic day, my friends, and an even better weekend.

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