Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Bumblebee!!!

Bumblebees are great. And having the ingredients to make them is also great.

Spider and Pastel combine to make the Bumblebee!

This is one of my Spiders I took photos of last night. I apparently only got one photo on my camera, while Lewie and Jasmin took the rest.

And my Pastel het Ghost female, in all her glory

They make the Bumblebee!!!

I went thru my photos on the computer, and I completely forgot about the Halloween photos I took of the Fuzzbutt Regal Dog.


Technically, he's kinda new as a bumblebee...

I love my dawg.

Pairings are being redone today, and its getting cold again. Looking forward to moving males around. Boys are getting more in tune now. YAY!

Have a great day, my friends.

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Jackie M. said...

Big beedogs are the best beedogs.

(you know about this website, right?)