Monday, December 28, 2009

Back to the Grind

Well, we got back home last night rather late, and I have to say, it was kinda nice getting back home, but the traffic on a Sunday after the Holidays was horrendous.

But, we survived thru the day of travel, as well as picked up another incubator in the process. I didn't think I would have needed it last year, but golly gee I did. So I bought another one to prevent any issues for this years clutches.

Natures Spirit Incubator, which I have had before.

Shouldn't have sold the one before, eh?

Oh well.. Hindsight is 20/20.

And you notice the blog is up ridiculously early.

Well, since I am back to the grind, so to speak, I am trying my damndest to get the blog up and running before work.

We'll see how long this lasts. I tend not to enjoy being up this early.

I unpaired last night when I got home, and didn't see much action (given the males had 5 days to work their magic, I wasn't surprised) so I didn't get any visual shots.

Feeding day soon, then back to pairing again.

I'll see if I can get some cool shots for you soon. I've been slacking it. Any requests?

Anyway, I am going to finish getting ready for the day.

Tomorrow should be a cool blog, as we have a new fuzz to introduce to you all.

Have a fantastic day, my friends.

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