Thursday, December 31, 2009

Great Moments of 2009

Well, it seems as if our year is drawing to a close. Its been a very trying year in some circumstances, but in others, its been a great blessing. I have many fond memories of what this year snake-wise has brought us, and I wanted to reflect before the New Year comes.

Its been a great year, and I am blessed to have hatched some amazing animals, including the Full Striped Pastel Lesser that everyone is absolutely in love with. Also, proving out my Special female to produce the Crystal.

I got my Lucky, the Silver Bullet that was wrapped up in his umbilicus.

I hatched out my Pieds, and finally have my females.

The Axanthic KillerBee project is on its way with my Spiders het Axanthic poss het Albino.

I got my Firefly and my Fires, which I have been coveting for years..

And of course, with every year, other goals come and go...

My plans for 2010:

Hatch out my TSK Snowball
Create my own Crystal, maybe even Pastel Crystal
Make some Super Mojaves and Super Mojave Pastels
Hopefully hit on the Super Pewter
Hit on the Pastel Pieds
Get my Clown Male (been waiting for that perfect boy...)
Get better at photographing my snakes (Maybe get a better camera)
Make lots of healthy pretty snake babies!

Easy breezy!

I hope it is as easy as making this list is, but life tends not to work out that way...

Anyway, enjoy your New Years Eve, appreciate the good things in your life, and know that the next year will bring good tidings and a whole new year of opportunities!!!

Have a fantastic New Year, my friends. It'll be great.

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Happy New Year Mouse!