Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vacation Time

I've relocated to Northern California for the Holidays, and I have to say, its rather pleasant.

Getting away is always fun for a while, and going to see family for the Holidays is also fun.

Problem is, I have no real snake business to refer to up here other than a little bit here and a little bit there, as well as no photos to share.

Makes this snake blog a little awkward.


I did pair up last night before leaving, and I will report to you the pairings as I recall them:

Pastel Yellowbelly to Blurry/Velvet Female
Genetic Stripe to Het G Stripe
Bumblebee to Normal
Albino to Het Albino
Pastel het Pied to Het Pied
Axanthic het Albino to Albino het Axanthic
Lemon Blast to Spider
Lesser Pastel to Spider
Super Mojave Pastel to Mojave
Sterling to Pewter

I haven't been using my Sable male, my Enchi male or my Black Pastel Male.

I'm not quite sure what to put with them, and I am actually against putting them with Normals at this point.

The Pied was in shed as well..

So there are quite a few males still sitting in the male rack looking lonely.

What to do? What to do??

I feel bad for not letting them get involved.

But, such is life, I suppose. Maybe I'll get something figured out for them when I get back.

Have a fantastic day, my friends!!!

The Holidays are almost here.

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