Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ball Pythons, but what else?

So I am Heather's Herps, not Heathers Ball Pythons.

Why is that?

Well, I love other reptiles as well, so I didn't want my business name to keep me in one position only.

So, one of these days, I may branch out into other reptiles, but right now, I'm good.

But yes, I do have other things. I've highlighted them before in previous blogs, but I've decided to talk about a few of what we have and had, as well as throw in some photos we took at the show as well of animals I've considered owning but do not have.

I love tortoises. They look like grumpy old men all the time, and they are just great personalities. They help you eat healthier, cause you need fresh vegetables as well as fruit to provide for them in your house. Kinda a diet watching animal. How cool is that???

Chameleons are also fun. They need bugs, however, but watching them eat is just too cool! They require some specific husbandry needs, which is why I've never owned one, but I have taken care of a few in my day, and if they have a good setup, they just need the bugs and water flow. They are very pretty as well. Can't be upset at a color changing lizard, right?

Before I got into Ball Pythons, I had Beardies. I had a few Beardies, to the point where my room was full of tanks of Beardies. They are a GREAT lizard to own, as they dance, wave, change colors (a little) and are just a friendly fun lizard to have. They eat vegetables and bugs, and even pellets if you can convince them. They come in a variety of colors, and they are a decent size. They need heat, but they are a great beginner lizard. I loved my babies, but I really couldn't get over feeding them bugs and veggies every day when I had more than a few of them. So.. I moved them on, but I wouldn't mind having one again one of these days.


And of course, Cresteds. We actually have a few of them now, and I really like them! Geckos are usually kind of specific in terms of husbandry, but Cresteds are easy. They eat baby food! You don't need bugs, you don't need veggies, you don't need special lights. They are so simple! They come in great colors as well, and they jump around and are just a joy to watch. These guys are ones that I am considering breeding, since we have a few in the harem, but I'm taking my time.

The Ball Pythons do take up a lot of my time, as well as the Fuzz.. (And Black Jack)

So we shall see.

But as it stands, I am only doing Ball Pythons. But one of these days, I may branch out. Why not, right? A new adventure of sorts..

Should be fun :)

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Jackie M. said...

Hooray, Jack!

What kind of tortoises?

(I like tortoises, but I hear they can eat A LOT. 80 years of eating 5 lbs of hay every day! Um, wow.)