Thursday, December 3, 2009


Well, I am down to the wire when it comes to things up for sale, which tends to happen as the season turns to breeding again. These two girls have been around for a few months, and to be honest, if it comes down to it, I'll just keep them.

I really enjoy the Cinnies and Black Pastels. I think they are great, and what other morph makes a solid Black or Grey snake??

Its one of those things where many people are done purchasing for the season, and what I have left are sometimes things I can justify keeping on for a while.

Plus, I love Cinnamon. I love the smell, love the taste... Reminds me of the Holidays!

Ooohhh... PHOTO IDEAS!!!

Tomorrow should be fun. I am going to do some cool photos now. BE EXCITED FOR TOMORROW!

We need a snake called the Jalapeno or something...

Joel would be thrilled.

Anyway, back to serious business.

I put the males in, and so far we have:

Pastel het Pieds in the making, as well as Killer Blasts and Pastel Orange Ghosts. Albinos het Axanthic are on the way as well, somewhat.

The other males just don't like their girlfriends.

Oh well.

Have a Fantastic Day, my friends.

Tomorrow we are departing for Vegas for the Reptile Show. I will have a detailed report on Monday.


Royal Morphz said...

Looky Looky at all the locks. Congrats girl and I can't wait to see you guys down for the show


BlackJackReptiles said...

Speaking of shows real quick. Will you ever decide to do a show on the East Coast?

Heather Wong said...

East Coast Shows? I may do one eventually, but the cost of doing them is pretty overwhelming in terms of getting all my stuff out there.

So, long answer short, I am not planning on doing one quite yet. :)

I may attend as a spectator (aka Tinley again), but vending may not be an option anytime soon.