Friday, June 11, 2010

Clutch #10: Pastel het Pied x Het Pied

So yesterday morning, I went into the snake room to check on the three girls that were photographed the night before.

One, Nothing...

Two, Nothing...

And then, there was number three.


This gal had finally laid her clutch for me, and I was ecstatic, albeit a little late to work after setting up the tub. 

This is one of the Het Pieds that I proved out last year, so I put her in with my Pastel het Pied male.

6 beautiful eggs, with one roll out.

All candled well, so I'm hoping the roll out stays viable.

And now, the female in question is cleaned, tub is immaculate (thank goodness I finally got to do it), and one less female to check in on for egg watch.

Here's to Pastel Pieds... I really would love to have a few of them. One would be good, however.

Lets see how it goes, shall we?

Countdown from 60 days.


Have a fantastic weekend, my friends...

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