Thursday, June 3, 2010

Waiting for eggs

I know lots of you out there have no eggs yet.

I've gotten several e-mails already asking if its too late to expect eggs.

Not at all!

This is just the beginning of the season, with eggs that will be laid typically up until August or September.

Some people, depending on location and how early they start, get eggs as early as February and as late as October/November.

It also seems like on the East Coast that people get eggs earlier than those on the West Coast, but it again depends on who it is and how early/late they begin breeding.

Now that comment in itself begs the question, when is early, and when is late?

Early in my opinion is August or before, before all of the eggs that are down from the previous year have been hatched.

Late in my opinion is June. And this is STARTING breeding, not current breeding.

So take that info with a grain of salt, and know that there are plenty of people that may disagree with my outlines as well.

I just know that I begin breeding at the end of October, and that depending of the receptive nature of the females, I stop around the beginning of June.

So yes, I have mostly stopped pairing already.

I am pairing a few couples that I know go later than usual, but I stop now also to get animals back to good feeding for the next season in October. It's not that far away, and people tend to forget to get the males back in order, the females back into feeding mode if possible, and to get things back to order in general.

So that is what I've shifted into. Getting back into order, and preparing to hatch out babies, which means organizing, moving animals around to make space for babies, and getting things cleaned up in general (not that they aren't already).

SUPER Cleaning is what I do. Clearing out the old to welcome the new.

So this weekend is dedicated for that. I'm not particularly enthused about it, as it means many many hours in the snake room moving heavy racks and pissy animals around, and then moving them around again cause the first time wasn't right.... but it needs to be done.

So hopefully there will be a few more clutches, and I can share some photos of the eggs, as well as the bad egg that has been slowly getting more gross in the incubator.

Until tomorrow, my friends. Have a fantastic day!


Royal Morphz said...

Awesome write-up Hearther


Tim Fredriksson said...

Is it not dangerous to breed these creatures?! How do you protect yourself? What do your neighbours think about it?

Jackie M. said...

Either somebody has mistake ball pythons for burmese pythons again, or you have some very funny friends!