Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Crazy days

Well, we have been having some crazy days over here.

Kona ran out of the house into the street Monday night and got hit by a car.

She's alright, but has a few bangs and scrapes.

I was absolutely freaked out, because Joel and I saw it happen while we were trying to get her back into the house.

The lady who hit her was going slow, as she saw Kona running across the street, but Kona doubled back and got bumped.

Crazy dog.


But as of today, she is fine. The X-rays came out fine (we rushed her to the ER that night), and other than pain medication and some tender loving care on Tuesday (I stayed home to watch her progress), she is fine.

She's even bugging Regal just as much as ever.

Crisis seems to be averted.


So today's blog is about that craziness more than anything else.

While I was home tending to my little fuzz princess's every need, I finally reorganized the snake room, and we are now needing to clear out some racks and move around some animals to get things more in order.

I just needed something to take my mind off of the crazy dog adventures.

It has completely helped. Now I'm concerned about where I'm going to put all these animals that are growing up. ACK!

Until tomorrow, my friends, have a fantastic day.


Jackie M. said...

Oh, Kona! I'm so glad she's okay.

Krystal said...

Eeeek! So glad Kona is okay!