Friday, June 25, 2010

Clutch #19: Pastel Lesser x Spider

This clutch makes me very excited, because I have always loved the Queen Bees (Pastel Lesser Spider).

I decided to use one of my older female spiders who had never been bred before, and for a while, doubted her ability to produce, but here we are, with a great pearly clutch!

She is one of my spotty Spiders that I have had for a while, and hopefully she throws some beautiful Queens for me.

Plus, I would love to have another triple combo morph male or something in the collection. Can't be mad at those.

Here's to five lucky rolls of the genetic dice that I get a Male Queenbee.

And here's to hoping.

And this weekend, I'll be going to San Diego for the Reptile Show, and will be there on Saturday, just walking around. If you are there, stop and say Hi!

Have a fantastic weekend, my friends!

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