Monday, June 7, 2010

Lots of clutches and the little engine that could

So it first began with Clutch 7 on Saturday, with one of my Poss Het females laying six gorgeous eggs.

She is a first time mother, and I have yet to prove her out. I hope she does, as Caramels are one of my favorites, and I hope that the kinking issue does not come up. We shall see!

If you can tell, the one on the far right is freshly laid. Still nice and shiny!

And then, there were two more on Sunday. These two girls laid without my knowing, as I wasn't watching them on my "Egg Watch".

This female is a Het Albino, proven, that was bred to my Albino male.

She was trying to hide...

But I got the eggs, much to her disappointment.

And then there was this gal. She was a small female, one of the trio of double poss het Albino Ghosts. She had yet to ever give me eggs, so this was her first year.

I bred her to the Pastel Orange Ghost. 

She didn't disappoint.

A very protective mother to say the least. I didn't even get a count until I uncoiled her from the eggs, and this is what I found.

Yes, there are four eggs in there. Two normal sized, one gigantic, and one dwarf.

I was initially very concerned about the little egg. It is the smallest egg I have EVER had, it is as big as a chicken egg.

But so far it is viable. This is going to be an interesting clutch to watch develop. I hope the little runter egg makes it.

So there we have it, folks.

This is going to be interesting!

The little engine that could. We shall watch its progress often.

And as for you all, have a fantastic day, my friends.

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