Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Clutch #21: Sterling x Spider

Clutch 21 is on the ground, and I am glad to see it. This is a clutch that I forgot to take a picture of Momma on eggs, but that I have been excited about.

Sterling male bred to a Spider female, so everything should be Pastel if not something "better", so we can expect Bumblebees, Pewterbees, Pastels, and Pewters.

I'm glad to see it in the ground. Should be a great clutch!

Also, clutch #2 is pipping, and it looks like the Poss Het Pied female didn't prove out. Four het Pieds in the egg, and we shall see what the sex odds are when they come out.

I am expecting a few more clutches this week and next, and then a lull. Seems like it will be an interesting season this year in terms of what hatches out when.

I have my records from last year and am comparing to this year. It has been so far a little later than last year, but with the way things are going, this year should outshine the last in terms of clutches.  Last year, we had 30 clutches, and this year, I'm hoping to get there. We are at 21, so we're not too far off. Lets see how it works out in the next few months, eh?

Plus, with everything happening, I may have a few more females that are going later than initially planned. We shall see....

Have a fantastic day, my friends!

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Eventide said...

Oooooh!! Can't wait for this one to hatch!