Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Clutches and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEL!

This weekend, and every weekend, seems to be time for more eggs. I should basically just stop checking until the weekend, it seems.

Clutches 11, 12, and 13 are on the ground.

Clutch 11 is a G Stripe to poss het that didn't prove out last year. So... we try again. After this year, if it doesn't wash, she is a Normal.

This is not a Normal, but she is a momma for sure. This is Clutch 12.

Clutch 12 consists of Pastel Lesser to Pastel, and a clutch I am excited about.

Would be worth two months of waiting to see what these little gems pop out. Five nice ones, so we shall see...

And Clutch 13, the clutch that is on its own in the second incubator, as the first Big Apple Herp incubator is FULL...

This clutch I forgot to take pics of Momma on eggs.. She was doing a good job, but I just forgot. It was Saturday, after all...

Pastel Yellowbelly male to one of my Normal females. Five nice eggs on this one. Should be a good spread.

So there it is.

Second incubator is up and running with a clutch already inside it, waiting for eggs to hatch at the end of the month, and just going with the flow.

Happy Birthday, Joel. Love you!

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