Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fuzz World Cup and cool shed

Well, its back to waiting for more clutches, but there have been a few cool things happening around here.

I found the Cinny female I bred late having her post ovulation shed.

I caught her like this.

Half naked, flipped around, and oh so cool looking.

You can see her belly scales on her spine!

I had to take pics.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get the best angle (the tub is rather high, and I am rather short), but I got this shot to show the contrast.

I thought that was the coolest thing...

So there you go, another random snake shot of shed from Heather to you. Hope you liked it!

And now on to the Fuzz World Cup, 2010.

Kona is all fine and better now, and Joel decided to set up a semblance of the Fifa World Cup at the house, thusly dubbed Fuzz, as it involved the Fuzz kids.

Here they are, getting ready for the show.

Regal is getting a little excited now, the ball is coming out!

And they are OFF!

Fuzz Soccer Ball with Squeeky for the Fuzz World Cup.

Kona does a drop kick on Regal, Regal goes for the jugular.  What a rough match!

But in the end, the baby gets the toy..

And Regal gets the petting and love, while Kona attempts to destroy the ball. Again.

And so ends the Fuzz World Cup round one...

Will there be a rematch? Maybe...

But until then, have a fantastic day, my friends!

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Anonymous said...

We miss you!!! And Joel, and Fuzz, and Kona.