Thursday, June 17, 2010


Well, as it stands as a Reptile Breeder, one usually does not have allergies to the animals themselves.

Scales are easy.

It is the food that is the issue.

I am allergic to rodents. All rodents.

Actually, I'm allergic to many other things as well, but rodents will suffice for this blog.

How then, do you ask, do I feed my snakes?


I do tend to get itchy and get the sniffles when I am touching the rats. More so even when I touch them then touch my face.

I can handle them in short bursts, but it does take a toll over a while of feeding. It takes me a few hours to feed, and I do touch them with my bare hands.

I probably shouldn't.

What tends to happen is that I use my hands or tongs to put them in, and they scratch me.

When they scratch me, I puff up in the area where the scratch is. And then, I sniffle. And sneeze.

Some people have a much more severe reaction to the rodents than I do, so here are a few tips on how to feed your snakes with live rodents that you are allergic to.

1) Use protection: Gloves, tongs, anything that will keep you from needing to get into contact. Even if you need to, use a mask for breathing.

2) Use help. Don't do it alone if you don't have to.

3) Frozen thawed food items do not bite, scratch or otherwise move around to let forth hair or dander to make you react. They still may make you react, but it will not be as bad.

4) Take drugs if you need to. Prepare yourself for the encounter.

5) Take it easy. When you get a reaction, just step back, take whatever time you need before anything, and then jump back in when you are ready.

You more than likely already know all of this, but hey, I just want to remind. I had this issue last night, so I wanted to touch on it now.

My arm is still itchy.

Have a fantastic, non-itchy day, my friends.

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