Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hump day

Well, its Wednesday, and it is also hump day.

Now, not to sound crude or anything, but hump day should signify something.

And while I understand this is more for people who want to have an excuse to pair up, I am more interested in the snake aspect of all of this.

There are a few more pairings that are happening, due to the fact that some males are getting individual females at this point, as well as most females have past their date for needing a mate.

Spotty McGillicutty, the Bumblebee male, is now exclusively with a Pastel female that has yet to show any signs of anything. So he'll stay there until I see something.

The Pastel Super Mojave has been in with the Special female exclusively for a few weeks now. Nothing yet.

And the Pied is in with a few females that need to be bred to prove them out this year, therefore helping me figure out the Normals from the Hets.

"But Heather," you say, "I thought you said you stopped pairing by now?"

Well, yes and no. Certain females I know that are not going to go do not need me to keep pairing them. They will just be front runners for next season.

But there are a few I am pushing and crossing my fingers for.

And those are the ones that get to enjoy hump day.

Not that you need to be humping to enjoy hump day, of course... It's all in the way you look at it.

But I digress, as I am flustering myself, and hoping you, my dear reader, are not blushing.

Have a fantastic day, enjoy your day, and remember... Hump Day.

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