Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy Hump Day!!!

Happy Weds!!

What is going on today?

Honestly, no too much.. (How are you???)

I'm kinda worried that the blog will become a bit boring for a while, as I have had some prelay sheds, which means another long wait before the action really happens...

I was trying to recall how many eggs I have in the incubator off the top of my head, but I had to count from the photos I took on the Whats Hatching pages we updated.. Is that cheating??

Lets recount:

Pied x Het: 6 eggs
Black Pastel x Normal: 4 eggs (2 going bad as of today..)
Velvet/Blurry x Spider or Pin: 6 eggs
Mojave x Normal: 7 eggs
Pied x Poss Het: 7 eggs
Het Clown x Normal: 4 eggs
Spider x Normal: 3 eggs

So that is... 37 minus the two that are going bad.. 35 eggs!

Not too bad, right?

I am also having an itchy cutting finger for the first clutch to hatch, that being the Het Pied to Pied... CUT CUT CUT.... Not quite yet....

Hopefully more to come soon, but the way these females are acting this year... who knows anymore??

Also, I am really trying to delve DEEP and try and figure out what I really want out of the next couple of seasons. I am fickle... And since I can't do ALL the projects I want, I need to decide which ones I can and should. AND!! What to get for this season in the way of new stuff...

I like the Fires, I don't have Lessers or Butters, I want a visual Clown and Caramel...I love the Champagnes... I NEED something Hypo to put with my poss hets this upcoming season....

DANGIT. This is hard.

If you have any ideas, please feel free to comment or e-mail or call, as I always appreciate feedback on how I'm doing and all that good stuff, and I LOVE talking to other snake people. :)

Also, if you have any requests for photos or topics of conversation, please feel free to let me know, and I will make sure to cover it!!!

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