Wednesday, June 18, 2008

IT'S SO HOT.....

So since I don't have much more snake news other than I fed yesterday in 90+ weather again... (I'd use the AC, but the house is so old it doesn't usually help), here are some photos of the other girl, I have affectionately dubbed "Cheryl's Girl". After all, she is Cheryl's girl! She is a SUPER STAR. Look at her posing.. Really.

So this week until the weekend, we are expecting 100+ degree temps. I have to say, I am not the biggest fan of Summer heat. I am all for kids having free time and such, and good stuff like that, but I HATE HOT!! As I say all the time:

"You can put more clothes on if you are cold, but you can't get more naked than naked in the heat"

Although, I guess being naked isn't too bad, but when you have sweat beads dripping off of you.. not so sexy. Really...

I was actually tempted to take a pic of myself dripping (with clothes ON) for the effect, but then again, I don't want anyone to loose their lunch or anything..

PROPS TO MY FRIEND TOM BAKER for possibly hatching out the Super Crystal last night!!!

I will see if I can post pics soon of the animal in question. Until then, keep cool people...

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