Monday, June 23, 2008


So... I usually save the evening stuff for the next day, but I can't help but post now.

I am devestated to report that the Black Pastel clutch that I hatched went HORRIBLY WRONG.

4 eggs were laid..

2 eggs went bad..

I cut the eggs a few days before. I knew something was wrong, but let it slide until the other two got out.

Today I get home, and one is out. It is TINY.

The other, I notice, is still in the egg.

Poke poke poke... Nothing.

I have a overwhelming feeling of dread, and I do what people don't normally do. I pull it out.

And... this is what came out.

It absolutely broke my heart... My eyes are still red from crying.. I could have done SOMETHING...

Thank god there was one alive.. And she is a girl.. She is the most BEAUTIFUL CREATURE I HAVE EVER HATCHED, and she is staying here to remind me how fragile life can be..

Seems like my luck is really not doing too well...

My heart hurts.

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wyldwurm said...

Heather, sorry for your loss. I know how your heart feels as we lost an entire clutch (except for one) due to a shortage in my incubator.

The baby is beautiful and I'm glad you're keeping it! Lucky snake.

Love reading your blog!! Looking forward to more of whats hatching!

Kim (OhBalls)