Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday and nothing is really happening...

So I went last night to check on the eggs... Everyone in the egg was still where they were comfortable. No one wants to make the jump!! I understand it is a big bad world out there, but.. I am here to protect them. They will see.

So, other than that, nothing is really going on. Got a couple Vision racks to try and jam into the already full snake room, so a remodel will be underway soon, most likely.

Time is ticking away for more eggs to hatch. I've noticed that once you have some eggs hatch, the other eggs seem to take their sweet time hatching.. Time goes two times slower now. Thats what I get for being impatient.

And on top of that, I need to decide what is going to help complete the projects I have laying around.. That's always a pain, cause how can you not have X, Y and Z without A, B, and C?? And then again, why not get D, E, and F while you're at it??

Why not just get the whole alphabet???


Now if I can convince my wallet of that, we would be golden.

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