Monday, June 16, 2008

Its Monday again...

So yesterday was a pretty mellow day.

I called my father for Fathers day, since we are too far away from each other...

We went to take Joel's Father out for Dinner for Fathers day, had a nice ice cream cake for Fathers day/Joel's birthday with the family, and basically chilled out and watched the Lakers eek out an embarrasingly close win last night against the Celtics.

Let us keep in mind that I am not a native Southern Californian, so I don't really care.

I actually spent some time online, and heard that I was mentioned on Reptile Radio for hatching out my Pieds with Cheryl!!! Rock on, Larry and BT!! Thanks for the props!!!

Got home a bit late last night, a bit tired, and went into the snake room to check in with things.

Suprisingly, I had eggs!!

I wasn't quite expecting them, but I am not complaining!

6 eggs from a normal female to a Mystery male. Could be many things, but I am leaning towards the Enchi... YAY MYSTERY!!!

And I got a quick shot from a female I've been waiting to lay FOREVER...

She looks pretty uncomfortable, doesn't she??

I'm kinda glad Humans only have one child at a time.. I sympathize with these snakes. It cannot be easy...

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