Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunny Sunday!!

So I usually take blog breaks on the weekend, but I have a lot to cover, so I wanted to get it out there today instead of tommorow.

Quick recap on what has happened.

I cut the eggs a while back, and have finally taken some pics...

Two of them were bad, and I decided to take some pics of that as well.. It seems that it went bad maybe within a month of being laid, if not sooner.

Poor little pinky... You can see the eyes and the heart slightly.

Here are the two that are alive. I think that these eggs should have been twins, but I don't think there are twins in there.. I can't really explain it other than there is way more yolk than necessary, but I will post pics of the egg once the babies come out to elaborate.

More updates on Monday as to what has happened here, but I wanted to post photos now to make sure I didn't forget.

By the way...


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