Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Picture time!!!

So here we go... Joe finally sent me these...

Cornsnake pictures!!! Don't ask me what they are.. I don't remember.

Orange Corns..

Pink Corns...

Pink grey Corn..

Caramel Corn??? HAAHAHAHAHAHAH (Seriously, I think that is what it is)

This one I remember, cause I actually like it.. Pied Sided Blood Red.

This is me, getting consistantly being bit by a worm. Some type of special worm.. Cube something?? It was HILARIOUS how this thing kept trying to hurt me. Disregard the huge railroad track face...

Thats it for the Corns..

As for clutches..I cut the rest of the clutch open.

Not the best odds, but it turned out to be two pieds, and four hets from a Pied to Het Pairing. I can deal with that.

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