Sunday, June 15, 2008

Snake Party #2!!!

So on Saturday, we had the good fortune of having Joel's birthday and a visit to Rauls!!

Joel and I went to Sushi and had a great night eating as much raw fish as possible, and then took the time to travel out to our friend Raul of West Coast Jungles house. We met up with a group of local snake friends, and had a great time!!!

Here is Cassandra and I playing with African House Snakes!!

Here is a crappy close up of an Albino House Snake.

Rauls ohh so cute baby Bearded Dragons!!!

More of Raul's ROCKING stuff!!! (Awesome specimens)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (Awesome cake for Joel's Birthday)

Here we all are, chilling on the back patio. Too much fun!!

Had a lot of fun, met a lot of cool people (Nice to finally meet you, Pattycakes), and enjoyed the evening alot! This was a bunch of fun, and I hope you enjoyed the quick overview!!

Here comes Monday!!

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