Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Madness and Weekend Update with Heather WONG!!

Its Monday!!!

It begins again, and honestly, this week, I am not dragging ass as much as I usually do on Mondays.

It must be the rest I actually got this weekend. Imagine that!!!

Well, since I already posted about the eggs yesterday, nothing much more to update other than a small head is poking out of one of the eggs, and the other... a little more shy.

Friday was supposed to be a double feature of the Love Guru and Get Smart, but we only managed the Love Guru before it was time for some sleep.

My review of the Love Guru?

It was very much like Austin Powers. Lots of immature jokes about midgets and sex, but what else can you expect?? It was very visually stimulating, and I really like Indian Culture, so I was pleased at the use of it, but Elephant Sex and Justin Timberlake with a Mustache... Not so believable. Also borderline disrespectful of the culture? (I am on the fence about that)

And Guru Pitka was just not believable either.. But I loved the Deepak Chopra references and lots of star power in short bursts.

Bottom line... It is not a mature movie by any means. It is pretty, has some nice songs and beautiful clothes. Elephants and pretty women (Jessica Alba, Meagen Good).
Its a rentable movie, but not a movie theatre movie.. I was kinda dissapointed.

So Saturday, we had a couple of visitors come over and check out the "facility". My friend Lewie and his girlfriend Jasmine came over and played with my Balls..

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA... (Immature moment, I admit it. I was due, right??)

He took the pics, so when I get some pics from him, I will post.

We had a lot of fun with it, and had a great day hanging out.

Sunday was relaxing day. It was hot. The air was ON.

George Carlin passed... Sad sad day.

And here we are at Monday. Lets hope it is more fruitful and less depressing.

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