Monday, June 30, 2008

San Diego Super Show Recap

I had a Blast.

Bottom line, thank you sir.

It was a lot of fun at the show, and helping out a friend made it that much more rewarding.

I got a chance to practice my social skills behind a booth, and enjoyed it very much. This was the trial run before Anahiem, and I am READY!!!!

Got to hang out with a bunch of my cool rockin friends on the net, and it was great fun!

Took some pics, not a lot since I was busy, but here is a couple that I took while behind the booth.

Some girls that had never held a snake before.

The younger one held it earlier, and started BAWLING because she wasn't finished holding them... So they came back. And I took pics of them. Gotta love young enthusiasts...

These are mine

Again, had a BLAST, and will be posting other pics that I didn't get a chance to upload later this evening.

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