Thursday, August 14, 2008



Things are going well...

I actually have honest to goodness updates from the snake room!



This was a weird clutch, that I didn't anticipate having the results that I did....

2.2 Normals
1.0 Spider
0.1 Pastel

Now... This Normal female was put in with a group of different males, and I honestly barely remember putting in the pastel male, but here we are. She was mostly with the Enchi male, but to no avail!!!

I was hoping that maybe my eyes were deceiveing me, but alas, I do believe our girl is just a pastel, not the infamous Enchi that I am looking for.
And the Spider male is really nice looking! I am very happy with him. He's going to make someone a good breeder some day. NO SPOTS!! YEAH!
AND, we have a newcomer arriving today, so tommorow will be the great unveiling!
(Are you on the edge of your seat yet????)
The excitement should wear off soon, but for now, I'm stoked!

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