Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Well, here we are...

So I lied.

I cleaned and cleaned last night, and thought I would get some good photos.

I lied.

I didn't get anything. I was so tired, I cleaned, and then passed out. It was glorious.

The Olympics were on though.. I watched it, kinda. Good for Micheal Phelps. He's a good swimmer. Gymnastics looks easy with the people that do them in the Olympics on TV, but I know for a fact I will break my something if I even attempt it.

Anyway, I hope to actually have something interesting snakewise to share with you tommorow.

Maybe I'll find something...

Poke poke poke!

We haven't had a nice bite story in a while.

Anyway, I was going thru my old photos and thought to share these with you, since I don't have anything else to share.

A few years ago, my young cousin sent me his Flat Stanley for him to come visit California and hang out with my snakes. Here is what Flat Stanley and I did.

Here he is standing in front of my old Lyon incubator (a good one for small clutches) with a clutch of Pastel eggs that ended up going bad that year..

And here he is in a tub of snakes! I see my Albino, Pastel, a couple Normals, and one of my Blurry girls in there. My photography skills were not up to par then.. Maybe it was the camera.

Yeah. Flat Stanley was from New York, by the way. He was grooving in his shorts and sandals.

I wonder how he's doing now???

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