Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why do I freak out so much???

I absolutely freak out shipping animals.

Because it is all out of my control, there are so many things that could possibly go wrong... And it drives me NUTS!!

And of course it doesn't help that Fedex has messed with me countless times.

But I shipped out several packages to arrive today, and I am pretty sure everyone arrived okay. I've heard from one person (THANK YOU) and the others will hopefully be letting me know soon too.

Still holding my breath, but no news is good news, right???

Anyway, let us continue in our week long photo session:

This is a 07' female Black Pastel I hatched out, and an 08' that I also hatched out (unrelated).

The 08' is a half sibling to the abberant Black Pastel female Chipo. I'm hoping to do the pairing again next year and see if it is genetic or just a fluke.. (crossing all fingers)

I love Black Pastels. They are just to variable and such a great morph. Too bad the odd gods were making fun of me. This female is the last of the year for me.. Meh.

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