Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I almost forgot its already August...

Jeeze Louise..

It's been one of those weeks already that I forgot to greet the month!!!


So I fed yesterday with leftovers cause I don't want to have to worry about extra care of little creatures while I am gone.

The new stuff took to food great! I am really excited...

Oh! Ontop of the Albino, she who has yet to be named, a friend came with her as well. My albino project is now SOLID.

Here she is, she who has yet to be named Het Albino.

She's pretty!!! And eats like a pig. I love it.

I'm still rushing to get things ready for our leaving, but there is less to rush and do. Thank goodness.

Here is our baby of the day. This is a Black Pastel female with a tad of a ringer on her tail (I've noticed a lot of my Blacks tend to throw slight ringers). I'm toying with the idea of keeping her... Kinda.

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