Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Well... Hmmmmmm

So... yesterday I had to go valiantly rescue the Joel from the Barnes and Noble parking lot, as when he was studying, someone stole his Catalytic Converter from right under his truck.

I'm just so disappointed in people some times..

So we have to get it replaced, and some shipments didn't get out last night cause of it.

I'm sorry.

So things were not as cheery and happy over here as one may have anticipated! My car gets in an accident, his car gets cased, and now... we are here.

Things that don't kill you make you stronger, right??

Anyway, back to snake stuff!!

The theme for the week is: "What a difference a year makes"

Pastel female 07' with 08' female (Graziani and Lemon Lines respectively)

I LOVE PASTELS.. They are great and do so many wonderful things with combos.

For those of you who are wondering, I work with Graziani, Lemon and Bell Lines of Pastels. And, in my opinion, all of them are great, and you can make excellent examples of the morph if you just breed selectively!!! Choose your females wisely, and your whole collection will be that much better in colors..


More to come!

(PROPS TO THE SUTHERLANDS FOR MAKING THE TRI-STRIPE BALL PYTHON... Ohhh man. I am so in love... Tri-Stripe Ball Python)

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