Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hummmmp Day!!

It is hump day, and I have suceeded!!!

I am now able to share with you some new photos of snakes.


Today, I've decided that it will be Axanthic day.

I work with the TSK (The SnakeKeeper) line of Axanthics exclusively for now. The reason being that I have an albino that was produced by TSK that is possible het for Axanthic. Now, this was not something I knew until AFTER the purchase, and considering the fact that I wanted to get a Snow (Axanthic Albino -double recessive project that would take 4-6 years if done from scratch), I got into it.

I had to get myself a male to prove out the possible het, and here we are!

The first photo is an adult Axanthic, a subadult axanthic, and a "normal". Axanthics are not the most outstanding morph when you look at it, but the lack of yellows in the pigment make it a powerhouse in combos and pretty cool looking in general.

Here we have the obligatory Albino over the Axanthics, just to give you the contrast of the differences. Axanthic Albinos are called Snows, and are pink eyed white animals with slight pearl pattern in the body, as Axanthics wash out the yellow, and Albinos wash out the black.

And here we are with the trio of Axanthics I am working with. The baby should be much more dramatically grey and black, but she is in shed... But I took the picture anyway to show the differences in "browning out" in this particular line of Axanthics.

In all honesty, it does happen, but I think people make it out to be worse than it really is. I will try and take another picture when everyone is clear for better contrast.

So there we are. TSK Axanthic 101.

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